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Wei or Die North American Premiere

I absolutely love mystery/suspense pieces, and so I was excited to get a chance to check out "Wei or Die". This superb short innovates what storytelling can do with new technology. I was so lucky to get to see it at FilmGate Interactive Conference (more about that below) with director Simon Bouisson essentially DJ'ing the film experience for the audience. This short follows a debouched pledge weekend that is being filmed by nearly every participant with smart phones, cameras, a drone, even a piggy-cam in a party that takes a creepy turn. The viewer has the opportunity to navigate the story through the lens of any available camera they chose throughout the storytelling.  


I was most impressed by the storytelling. Simon Bouisson and Oliver Demangel have made a piece that sweeps you away with luscious images and amazing sound design, but leaves you thinking about the darker side of reckless youth. 


Looking up their websites has made me deeply blue how little of my high school French has stuck. Whether you speak the language or not check out the trailer for it's amazing visuals. This piece is a marvel, even if all you're fluent in is French kissing. If you want to follow the film, go here.

FilmGate Interactive Tech Conference

February 24, 2016

Such a cool event! This conference is an amazing way for artists at every level to gain access to some of the most innovative technology, art, and minds creating right now. FilmGate has worked so hard to make the environment of this event uplifting, approachable and empowering. I was particularly impressed how much women in media was present, from the live recording of She Does, to a happy hour with Women In Film and Television Florida, to the presence of awesome lady producers in such incredible new works as do not track (Margaux Missika), and Wei or Die (Sara Brucker). As someone who pays a lot of close attention to the lack of women's voices in theatre and film I found this balance of genders electric and humbling to witness.


Some other highlights included a lecture on Creating Immersive Media Projects with Mike Knowlton, the SLO media art instilation (Dis)Locate,  and a lecture on Shooting With The Panasonic AG-DVX200 Camera. I found each of these inspiring and so informative.


February 06, 2016

Oh my god: this show was so good. Banana Bag and Bodice created a show that's like an Appalachian "End Game". It's a dreamy meditation on loss of innocence, generational rifts, and forgiving your parents for the weird and wonderful gifts they gave you. It's one of those pieces of art where you want to make people go to it, but you also don't want to give too much away because there are so many unexpected moments that are so pleasurable to arrive at.   Bushwick Starr is fantastic at picking work that's raw, and small, covered in freckles and scars and filled with wild ideas. I could hear people actually sobbing in the audience and laughing throughout  this one was deeply special.

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